Auto Start Kodi

When you have setup your Kodi media player on a PC you may have noticed that if you drag a shortcut to the start up menu Kodi doesn’t always load correctly and you are left staring at a black screen. The solution is to delay Kodi loading and allow other services on the computer time to fully load. Below is the bat file I use on windows 7 to delay Kodi loading for 45 seconds.

64 Bit Windows

@echo off
timeout 45
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi"
start kodi.exe

32 Bit Windows

@echo off
timeout 45
cd "C:\Program Files\Kodi"
start kodi.exe

Paste the script above in to Notepad and save as a bat file. Copy the bat file to your start menu startup folder and reboot. You can shorten the time from 45 seconds if you have a faster computer.

For Honor Starter Edition Free

Get For Honor Starter Edition Free on Uplay, Console Versions on Sale During E3

article-_header_image_lf_free_starter_english_16_9_us_328370The Starter Edition enables players to experience all the maps and modes For Honor has to offer, but takes a different approach to making heroes available. At the outset, it fully unlocks For Honor’s three vanguard heroes – Warden, Raider, and Kensei – and also makes three additional heroes playable (but not customizable), depending on which faction you choose. These heroes, as well as the heroes from other factions, can be fully unlocked and customized for 8,000 steel (For Honor’s in-game currency) each.

For Honor Starter Edition Free

7 Days by Eve Ainsworth

7 Days by Eve Ainsworth was a very honest story. Nothing was sugar coated. Every sentence was completely truthful. It told a story about bullying from both the victim’s point of view and from the bully’s. I think ages 10 and up would enjoy this, probably more girls than boys, although everybody can relate to the book in some way and sympathise with the two main characters.

Review by Rachel Hartigan.

7 Days



Fix Windows 7 Not Genuine Error

If you see an error on you screen stating that your version of windows 7 is not genuine or you receive a pop up that you may have a counterfeit version of windows then you can easily fix this by running the command below.

  • Open command prompt as Administrator. The easiest way to do this is to type cmd in the start-menu, then right click on cmd and click Run as Administrator.
  • In the cmd windows type SLMGR /REARM  and press  Enter and wait till it executes.
  • Click Ok to restart your system.

When you restart your system you will not see the error.

Toyota Mini VCI on 64 bit Windows

Mini VCI

I purchased a Mini VCI cable to perform diagnostics on a Toyota from an online site and it arrived with a cd containing drivers, the Techstream software, and some PDF documents with instructions.

The main files of interest on the cd were ‘MVCI Driver for TOYOTA’ and ‘Toyota Techstream 8.00.034’.  Reading the instructions it required me to install the MVCI driver followed by the Techstream software.

The MVCI driver repeatedly failed to install so after a quick search it appeared that other people also had this issue when using 64 bit versions of Windows 7, I was running 64 bit Windows 8.

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Simple internal phone list with php and mysql

Here is a simple piece of PHP code to create a internal phone list.  It has no styles applied to it so you can integrate it to your own site.  I used MySQL for the database.  You need to create a database called telephone and create a table in that database called employee.  You can also modify the db.php file if you wish to use another name.  The following sql will create the database for you.

USE telephone;
CREATE TABLE `employees` (
 `number` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 `name` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
 `department` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
 `extension` varchar(10) NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY (`number`)
INSERT INTO `employees` (`number`, `name`, `department`, `extension`) VALUES
('1', 'Frank', 'Finance', '200'),
('2', 'Joe', 'HR', '201');

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PS3 Motorstorm Apocalypse Corrupted Data

If you get a corrupted data error when running Motorstorm Apocalypse on a PS3 with CFW this is probably caused by the saved gamed being on a different version package that the game itself.  This can happen if you apply updates to the game.  The solution is to open the file browser in MultiMan and browse to the folder /dev_hdd0/game.  From there delete the folder [BCES-00484].