Discovering Joomla

I recently installed Joomla to see what it has to offer in a business setting.  The software is a free content management system available at  There is an active forum with loads of help from other users.  Joomla is generally installed on a Linux environment but I only have a windows system available at the moment so I installed xampp and all is working well.

My initial plan was to migrate an existing intranet in stages to Joomla.  Joomla provides a wrapper module which is basically an iframe which is great.  This means that a Joomla page can just be pointed to the original intranet page.  Straight away though there was a problem.  The wrapper auto height would not work correctly and I ended up with additional scrollbars which did not look pretty.

Plan ‘B’ is you use wrappers where possible and redevelop other pages in PHP and create new Joomla modules.

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