Nokia and Microsoft Partnership

Nokia and Microsoft have announced a partnership to allow them compete with Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android platform, and RIM’s Blackberry. Nokia is loosing ground fast in the smartphone market and it’s new products do not seem to have caught the publics imagination.

It is being reported that Windows Phone is to become Nokia’s primary smartphone platform. Microsoft reportedly offered Nokia hundreds of millions of dollars to make that switch. This is a major switch for Nokia who have stuck with their Symbian platform.

Nokia will use Bing for search functionality across its devices, while Nokia Maps will become core to Microsoft’s mapping services. Nokia’s content and app store will be integrated with Microsoft’s Marketplace.

You can read the press release here


2 thoughts on “Nokia and Microsoft Partnership

  1. Joe Morrissey

    What I hear is that MS paid Nokia $1b upfornt for this deal and that Nokia will pay royalties back to MS…. I can understand the deal in that context otherwise…

  2. paulhartigan Post author

    I think there is huge potential I just don’t know if they can pull it off. Even I have to admit that Nokia has completely lost it’s way and Symbian is completely dead. Windows Phone 7 appears to be a good OS, if they can mix that with the good features of Nokia like long battery life there could be good competition in the smart phone market.


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