The ZX81

There is a good article on the BBC website about the Sinclair ZX81 and although I did not own one I can relate to the story.  My first computer was a Commodore Vic20 with a whole 3.5K of RAM considerably more than the 1K in the ZX81.  This is the system I learned to program on.  Hours were spent typing in basic programs from various magazines and then later even some assembly language.  I later went on to own a ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, and then the Commodore Amiga (a truly amazing system at the time).  My favorite is probably the Commodore 64 because along with all the programming I also worked for a while in a repair shop and spent many hours replacing RAM chips and video chips.   Click the link to read the article

2 thoughts on “The ZX81

  1. Joe Morrissey

    My first computer was a dragon 32. Had 32kb of ram which was a whopper at the time. IT was a Welsh made version of the tandy TRS80 which was a popular US computer :

    The thing that annoyed me about it was that it had limited colur capabilities and everything was Green. It did run a version of MS – Basic which was a really great language to learn programming. That was when I was 13.. maybe I should have stuck with it!

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