Internet Explorer 9 Released

I moved away from Internet Explorer when version 7 was released and started using Firefox.  When Chrome was released I installed it just to have a quick look at it’s features, but I have stuck with it ever since.  It is fast and very usable, it runs on my Windows and Linux systems, and it syncs all my bookmarks across all my systems.  Even though I use Chrome all the time, I always have a copy of Internet Explorer installed on my system because it is still king in the corporate world.

Today I downloaded the latest version of Internet Explorer, version 9.  It is fast, very fast, although some reports mention that it is slower in some tests particularly with JavaScript than Chrome.  The interface is very clean and is a huge step up from version 8 and I think Internet Explorer fans will be very happy.  I don’t think it is as usable as Chrome and I think Microsoft will not regain the huge market share they previously held.

One important note is that Internet Explorer 9 does not run on Windows XP.  You need Vista or Windows 7.

You can download the most popular browsers using the links below.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


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