Blackberry App World Missing

BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800

After upgrading the App World application on a Blackerry 9800 I noticed the icon was no longer visible after the phone restarted. A search on the Blackberry Knowledge Base led to KB29422 titled ‘BlackBerry App World icon is missing after upgrading to BlackBerry App World to′.

Opening a new text message and typing myver revealed that I was running version so I followed these steps from the knowledge base article –

Cause 1

BlackBerry App World was updated to to on a BlackBerry 6 smartphone with older BlackBerry Device Software.

Resolution 1

On BlackBerry 6 OS versions prior to and the App World Icon is not visible, please download and install the BlackBerry App World

Open the BlackBerry Browser on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Browse to
After download, please restart your BlackBerry smartphone when prompted.
Verify that BlackBerry App World is located on the home screen.
BlackBerry 6 smartphones with an upgrade path to BlackBerry OS or higher should upgrade to the latest version of BlackBerry Device software available from the wireless service provider in order to resolve multiple issues with BlackBerry Balance.
On BlackBerry 6 OS versions and higher and the App World Icon is not visible, please download and install the latest version of BlackBerry App World.

After the restart the icon had still not appeared. A bit more searching turned up an article in which recommended removing the app completly and clearing the pushed data from the Blackberry browser.

Uninstall the app
Go to Options, then Device, then Application Management.
Scroll down until you highlight “BlackBerry App World”, press the BB key to open the menu and click “Delete.”
You will be prompted to reboot in order for these changes to take effect.

Clear pushed content
Open your BlackBerry’s browser, press the BB key and click on Options.
Scroll all the way down to “Clear Browsing Data.”
Check the Pushed Content box and click “Clear Now.”

Once the device restarts then install App World again, remebering to choose the correct version for your device OS.


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