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Blackberry App World Missing

BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800

After upgrading the App World application on a Blackerry 9800 I noticed the icon was no longer visible after the phone restarted. A search on the Blackberry Knowledge Base led to KB29422 titled ‘BlackBerry App World icon is missing after upgrading to BlackBerry App World to′.

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Windows 8 Mail Gmail with 2 Factor Authentication

If you have 2 factor authentication enabled on your gmail account then you maybe receiving an incorrect password error with trying to connect using Windows 8 mail.  To resolve this simply create an application specific password in your Google account and then use that password in Windows 8 mail.

Windows 8 Professional First Impressions

Windows 8 PresentationI have been running Windows 8 Professional on a laptop without a touch screen for about a week now and it is very different.  It boots very fast, not in eight seconds but it is faster than Windows 7.  The new metro interface looks amazing and is easy to use even with a plain old touch pad or mouse.  Metro apps can be downloaded from the Windows store but at the moment there is a shortage of apps and that’s where the problems begin.  Windows 8 has a split personality caused by the need for Microsoft to bring Windows in to the touch era.  Behind the new shiny interface is the old desktop we are all familiar with.  Standard Windows applications are run on the desktop and because of the shortage of metro apps you constantly switch between the two environments.

The desktop is fast with some nice improvements including the removal of the aero graphics which makes everything run faster.  It is also worked flawlessly with every application I have thrown at it, so thankfully no compatibility issues.  What people will notice is the start menu is gone.  This is hard to get your head around and will be a problem for users until the number of metro apps increases.  It is rumored that the start menu may return with an upcoming update.  Corporate IT departments will be in no hurry to deploy Windows 8 and most will stick with Windows 7 for now.

Fast Bootup.
Very clean modern look.
Good compatibility with old Windows software.
Missing Start Menu
Two interfaces lead to confusion
Very limited number of Windows 8 apps

Microsoft are definitely on the right path with Windows 8 but there is some work to be done to integrate the two interfaces and developers need to start creating metro apps.

Arduino Cookbook

If you are interested in getting started with the Arduino then I can recommend the Arduino Cookbook from O’Reilly.  It takes you from the basics of setting up the programming environment right up to complete sketches.  The book covers many areas including controlling LEDs, motors, and using sensors.  Much of this information is available on the internet for free but it is nice to have it all compiled in to one location.


These days we are hit with information from all directions and have to constantly change focus, switch between tasks.  Multitasking maybe more efficient for computers but I don’t think this applies to humans.  Not only is it lees efficient but it is also more stressful.  Singletasking does not mean you do only one task per day, it is a way of prioritizing your task list.  You will be surprised how quickly that list gets reduced in size.

If you want read more about this you can go to they have an interesting article on how not to multitask.  Lifehacker also have an article A Case for Singletasking.

I created a template from the picture in the Lifehacker article if you want to try it out, when printing select 8 pages per sheet on the bottom right of the print window.

I will do one thing today template